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When Should You Consider a Dog Training Boot Camp?

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Although we primarily specialise in working with and developing protection dogs, we are also able to offer more general training programmes. Some of these are “boot camp” style, so intense and generally residential courses. Dog training boot camps have proven to be extremely popular and offer owners a range of benefits.

Dog training boot camps can be useful at a number of times, and the most popular reason for them is owners taking holidays. Holidaying naturally necessitates finding kennelling or other appropriate accommodation, so combining this with a course of training can be a valuable use of time. Owners return from their holidays to a dog they know has been well looked after, as well as benefited from the training they have been put through.

Boot camps are also useful if you are becoming concerned about a particular behavioural issue your dog is demonstrating. A neutral training facility allows us to assess your dog as it is rather than how it reflects its home environment and regular handling. We can better establish its training potential, take it to a good level, and hand it back to you with a specific and tailor-written programme for you to carry on with in your own home.

Boot camps should include kennelling, feeding, training, daily walks, and frequent access to enrichment. We provide all of these services as standard and accept dogs of all breeds onto our various programmes. To find out more, feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, or any of our social media accounts.