Cane Corso - Family protection dogs

The Cane Corso, sometimes known as the Italian Mastiff, is an ever popular choice for guard and family protection work. As one of the more active and intelligent mastiff breeds, it is highly trainable making it a natural candidate for the kind of work we do. Large and with an intimidating bark, the Cane Corso is a formidable protector capable of remarkable affection. Cane Corsos tend to bond quickly and strongly, so often naturally slot into their new families.

Cane Corsos need plenty of mental as well as physical engagement and stimulation. When provided with this, they thrive. Advanced obedience training, obstacle courses, and tracking are all excellent activities for a driven Cane Corso. All dogs are individuals with personal skills and preferences though, and our training team would be happy to advise you on which activities are best suited to your own dog.

FAQs & Facts