Giant Schnauzer - Family protection dogs

The Giant Schnauzer is a rare but capable and effective breed for family protection work. A German breed, it originated as a general purpose working farm dog whose duties typically included guarding property and herding livestock. The Giant Schnauzer has evolved into a highly intelligent and physically robust dog which greatly enjoy working with.

Unlike a number of other breeds commonly used for protection work, the Giant Schnauzer’s most desirable characteristics have not been diluted by poor breeding and a preference for show line dogs. While harder to find than German Shepherd Dogs or Dobermanns, Giant Schnauzers are still a reliable and dependent working breed.

In our experience, Giant Schnauzers make excellent family protection dogs. They are a naturally active and playful breed so make good companions for young and energetic children. They have also proved popular with clients suffering from conditions such as asthma and allergies because of their hypoallergenic coats.

While we tend to hold fewer Giant Schnauzers in training than other breeds, we are always happy to add potential clients and customers to waiting lists when new dogs come into stock. To join one of these lists, please email us on [email protected] or direct message us on any of our social media feeds.