Easy at-Home Dog Enrichment Ideas

24 July 2023

Dogs are some of the most intelligent of all animals, and require considered enrichment which allows them to express natural behaviours to ensure their wellbeing. One short walk first thing in the morning then spending most of their day alone without mental or physical stimulation is no way to keep a dog, and the importance of good enrichment cannot be overstated. Owners have a number of easy ways to provide their dogs with at-home enrichment, and we hope this blog shows you how achievable this is.

Enrichment is easiest to deliver when it is passive, and one of the most passive ways to do so is leaving radios switched on around the house. Understimulated dogs are prone to anxiety, and a constant stream of varying background noise goes a long way towards alleviating its impact. In some ways, radios can almost replicate the feeling of being in the company of others, also somewhat mitigating separation anxiety. Constant background noise can drown out unexpected loud stimuli which may overstimulate a dog used to spending its time in silence, so offers a multitude of benefits. If you are able to have several radios tuned to different stations around your home, then this allows your dog to choose what to listen to, and find its favourite auditory enrichment.

Dogs should also be encouraged to utilise their strongest sense: scent. For passive scent-based enrichment, owners can leave plug-in scent dispensers around their home, especially in areas where their dog spends most of its time. Dogs will automatically be stimulated by scent diffusion, so this is an excellent “hands off” enrichment option. When paired with constant gentle background noise from a radio or television, scent diffusion can be as calming as it is engaging. More active scent-based enrichment could involve hiding treats around the house, and requiring your dog to sniff them out, or even hide and seek.

Ultimately though, perhaps the best form of at-home enrichment is company in the form of a favourite human, or another dog. Being such social animals, dogs thrive off company and are at their happiest when able to share time and space with others. With this in mind, ensuring that your dog is left alone for as little time as possible should be a priority for all owners.

If you would like more ideas on how to provide your dog enrichment at home, we would be more than happy to help. Please DM us on any of our social media channels, and one of our experienced trainers or behaviourists will be happy to get back to you.


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