23 January 2023

We, as a family, would like to start off by thanking Leedor and his team at Protection Dogs. Not only for their exceptional training, which we will discuss later, but also to their on-going support and helpfulness. From the start, Leedor was extremely helpful, listened to everything we asked and answered every question in detail. He was able to find availability for Heisenberg very quickly, catered to any requests we had and went out of his way to make sure we and our dog were happy.Before we sent Heisenberg off to Leedor and his team at Protection Dogs, he was erratic, unmanageable and disobedient. He would often jump, nip and pull on the leash, among other things. After discussing what could be achieved in the short 2-3 week obedience course, we drove down to deliver Heisenberg. Upon arrival, we were greeted pleasantly by his team and were at ease that he would be looked after and trained properly. We were shown the indoor kennels, where he would be staying as well as how and what he would be doing. After we left, we received a text from Leedor, confirming Heisenberg had settled, and we were certain he was in the right hands.During his time there, we were sent various videos and pictures of Heisenberg over the course of his 2 week stay there. It was incredible to see his progress over such a short elapse of time. We would often call Leedor ever few days and he would always reassure us that Heisenberg was doing well and progressing every day.When we finally arrived, after 2 short weeks, to collect Heisenberg, we were astounded at how obedient he had become. Leedor and his team were very patient and informative during the hand over period. Everything he had learned, we were taught how to properly execute within under an hour of our arrival. It’s important to note here that Leedor was very keen to ensure that we were comfortable executing the commands and this is just a testament to the pride he takes in his work. When leaving with Heisenberg, it was amazing to see the care Leedor took with our dog, giving him a kiss on the head as a goodbye, telling him that he would be missed. It’s this affection and lovingness that makes Protection Dogs a great place for any dog.Returning Heisenberg home, his change was apparent straight away and was proof that he wasn’t just behaving well at training camp. We noticed he was far calmer in the house but still had the drive and the energy when we demanded it from him. Walking him now is more of a pleasure that everyone in the house looks forward to rather than a tug of war match. We are certain he will only get better with age. We have no worries regarding his behaviour anymore and are sure that if we did, Leedor would be at the other end of the phone, ready and willing to help us out.We would like to thank Leedor and his team at Protection Dogs once more and cannot wait to send Heisenberg back to do a full on protection course.


23 January 2023


First off our family would like to say a huge thank you too Leedor, Beth and the rest of the team at Protection Dogs.Caesar our 9 month old Doberman pup is a fantastic, loving family dog but had become almost uncontrollable on a lead during walks, due to his strength and lack of training. After careful consideration, some research and several phone calls with Leedor we arrange for Caesar too attend their residential obedience training course. Leaving your beloved pet in the hands of complete strangers can be a stressful worrying experience but the moment we arrived we were instantly


23 January 2023


Wow, what an amazing experience from start to end and it is still not over. We wanted to buy a family protection and spoke to many of the companies advertised on the internet but it just felt comfortable when we spoke to Leedor. He talked to us about how a dog would fit into our life and at no point did it feel pushy.We went to see Leedor and he showed us how he trains the dogs, what the characteristics of each breed are and again talked to us about how a dog would fit into our life.We wanted a



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