23 January 2023

Thank you so very much Leedor and all the wonderful people at Protection….Czech German Shepherd Topan. Purchasing Topan from you has been an incredible and exhilarating journey from the beginning to beyond as I know your ongoing support and help regarding Topan is always on hand should we ever need it.Topan has very, very quickly become a much loved member of our family. When I called Leedor, I was very apprehensive and worried after a bad experience with another company. We had waited for over a year and were shown dogs that were very unsuitable and not what we wanted. Leedor has been nothing but kind, informative and incredibly helpful from the beginning. They really listen to what you want in a dog and care. We chose Topan via photos and videos and from Leedor’s strong recommendation. Leedor regularly kept in contact with us and showed us videos and pictures very regularly so we knew how Topan was progressing.When Topan arrived, we were very anxious and didn’t know what to expect… I needn’t have worried. When I saw Topan for the first time I gasped. I had never before seen such a handsome and absolutely gorgeous German Shepherd. I could never have imagined such a beautiful animal in all my wildest dreams. Honestly. Not only is he heart meltingly gorgeous, he has a personality to match. For such a serious looking dog, he has the most adorable and sweetest nature and he loves playing with our very young children and our little Cockapoo for hours despite the difference in size! He always looks like he is smiling when he is with us!Topan is so huggable, gentle and loving and we know he loves us as much as we love him. I have absolutely no doubt that IF (hopefully never) the worst should ever happen, Topan would defend, stand steady at our sides and put his life on the line for us. He is our loyal K9 hero and we couldn’t be without him now. Ever! Topan is such a wonderful Ambassador for this breed. He is so handsome-Even when out for a walk, people always stop and stare, walking or in their cars and tell us how beautiful he is! Topan is brave, fearless, his love is unconditional, and he is always ready to hug and kiss you, especially right there when you are in pain or feel sad. Topan might not be able to talk but his soft warm eyes and loving whines always speak volumes. Topan is our best friend, a part of our family, he makes our family complete, feel very safe and secure. We immediately fell in love with him and love him so deeply with all our hearts. We cannot thank Protection Dogs enough for everything. There is no Company out there who cares more about their dogs and their customers than Protection Dogs …My Topan is proof of that.


23 January 2023


Thank you so very much Leedor and all the wonderful people at Protection….“We have been searching for years to find the right Cane corso and the right temperament,one that would get on with our other dog. Protection dogs have provided us with the perfect dog, shes amazing. Very loving, her temperament is just what we were looking for, they listened to exactly what we wanted and provided it, thanks to Leedor and the Team.


23 January 2023


Our 15 month old Doberman was extremely loving, however he was hyperactive, never settling and had some dominance issues where he could get too rough at times. We decided to ask for the help of Protection Dogs UK to assist us. During a two week intensive training course, Jakey was put through their obedience scheme. The results are outstanding. Jakey came home to us a new dog! He was clean, lean and content. Being hyperactive before, the change is amazing. He knows his place within our family. He listens and acts upon commands instantly. It’s very difficult to leave your



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