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How to be a More Responsible Dog Owner

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Dog ownership is often a wonderful experience, but it is one that comes with a number of responsibilities. Responsible dog ownership does not need to be a chore, especially when proper guidelines for doing so have been laid out.

At a most basic level, responsible owners will ensure that their dog’s needs are met. “The Five Freedoms” are a globally recognised set of principles on animal welfare, and are likely the best and easiest starting point. They are:


  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain
  • Freedom to express natural behaviours
  • Freedom from fear and distress

The Five Freedoms are an excellent starting point for all animal owners, and break down dogs’ complex care needs into an easy to understand formula. In a home environment, this means that your dog should have regular access to food and water, veterinary treatment, prevented from feeling or distress wherever possible, and allowed to be a dog.

Responsible ownership follows outside of your home too. All dogs should be microchipped with your contact details in the event that they become lost, and wear a collar with a tag showing your mobile phone number. Dogs should only be allowed off-lead in public if they have reliable recall, and are friendly with other dogs and humans.

Training can go a long way in promoting the highest quality of life possible for your dog. Effective training offers a range of benefits including helping your dog better conform to you and your lifestyle, keeping it mentally engaged, and increasing trust and bonding. Little training often is usually the best approach, and can offer remarkable results if provided consistently over a prolonged period of time.