Protection Dogs Worldwide is one of Europe’s premier family protection dog trainers and dealers. Based in the North East of England, we hand-select young dogs and develop them into something extraordinary. Under the direction of master trainer Leedor Borlant and the rest of his team, Protection Dogs Worldwide specialise in providing ordinary people and families with some of the best canine protectors in the world.

Following its successes in the UK and Europe, Protection Dogs Worldwide has undergone a considerable expansion of operations in recent years. With new clients across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, America is a natural new frontier which has been beckoning for some time.

Over the past year, Protection Dogs Worldwide has exported a number of high-calibre family protection dogs to clients across the United States. Given growing stateside interest in our services, this is an area we are rapidly expanding in. To find out more about how we can bring your ideal family protection dog to the United States, please email [email protected] We would love to hear from you.


PDW Philosophy

Protection Dogs Worldwide has a simple aim: to provide our clients and customers with the best family protection dogs in the world. As lifelong dog owners and trainers, we understand better than most what goes into the breeding and training of security dogs intended to work in family environments. In an SEO-driven marketplace, unscrupulous breeders will often exploit high-hit terms such as “guard dogs for sale”, “K9 dogs for sale”, or “best guard dogs” without undertaking protection-specific training or temperamental testing. The end result is families buying temperamentally unsound puppies from breeds known for their ability to guard that have not undergone any actual protection training.

Where certain breeds of dogs are a commodity and fashion statement with no regard given to their actual suitability for a given situation, we try to be the antidote. Our family protection dogs are all individually selected from a young age based on a very specific list of attributes we have identified as being necessary to undertake this type of work. The best guard dogs for families must demonstrate courage, trainability, restraint, and be sound of temperament. Just as each end client is an individual, so too are our dogs. Training is individualised and tailored to match both client and dog, and this is an area we refuse to compromise on.

The fact that we only offer trained dogs for sale speaks volumes about our commitment to providing the best and most complete product possible. While it is very normal for dogs to spend a few weeks “coming out of their shell” on arriving in new settings or meeting their family for the first time, those that we train are still ready to protect almost immediately. Our family protection dogs are already used to home environments, which further sets us apart from other superficially similar companies.

We also believe that words matter, and descriptions are illustrative. Protection and guard dogs do very different jobs, and the importance of differentiating this cannot be overstated. Whether or not it has been advertised as a family guard dog is less important than its function, which is to act independently and without a handler. While potentially convenient, this is also irresponsible. Control is critical, and all our family protection dogs for sale are specifically trained to work through a handler.

Our clients are often seeking a pet too, and we want to train some of the best dogs to own. We are acutely aware of the many and fundamental differences between companion and sport or working dogs, and this remains at the forefront of our training priorities. When offering family protection dogs for sale, we always ensure that they are suitable to act as companions in home environments, whereas sports dogs have tendencies to become hyperactive and destructive if not offered enough stimulation.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide clients and customers with a dog which is equally at home as a family companion and protector. We believe that we train some of the best family protection dogs in the world, and are confident that our expertise and passion cannot be matched. To find out more, please email [email protected]

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