17 January, 2023

Which Breeds Make the Best Protection Dogs?

As hunters with a natural tendency to form strong bonds and protective instincts, dogs have clear potential for security work. Over thousands of years, hundreds of different breeds have been developed, many for the specific purposes of guarding and protection. This blog will offer an overview of the breeds we consider best suited for family protection dog, as well as why this is the case. The German Shepherd Dog is perhaps the classic and ultimate family protection dog. Courageous, intelligent, and fiercely loyal, it possesses all the attributes we look for. German Shepherd Dogs are highly trainable, so are able to

17 January, 2023

Rottweiler Guard Dog for Sale | Fully Trained Protection Dog

Why Rottweilers? Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds used for protection and guarding work. Originating in Germany, they are formidable guardians, and a breed we love working with. Here are five reasons why Rottweilers are one of the best breeds for family protection work: 1. Rottweilers were bred to protect. Developed as a guard dog, early Rottweilers shepherded cattle to and from markets. They were also responsible for looking after money which was traditionally strapped around their necks. To this day, Rottweilers are often aversive to being touched around their necks 2.Rottweilers are intelligent and highly trainable. A true

22 April, 2022

When Should You Consider a Dog Training Boot Camp?

Although we primarily specialise in working with and developing protection dogs, we are also able to offer more general training programmes. Some of these are “boot camp” style, so intense and generally residential courses. Dog training boot camps have proven to be extremely popular and offer owners a range of benefits. Dog training boot camps can be useful at a number of times, and the most popular reason for them is owners taking holidays. Holidaying naturally necessitates finding kennelling or other appropriate accommodation, so combining this with a course of training can be a valuable use of time. Owners return

18 April, 2022

Signs Your Dog Needs Retraining

Ensuring they are properly trained is one of the most important responsibilities owners have to their dogs. Training not only helps dogs and humans engage and communicate with each other but also provides key mental stimulation. Training should take place from the earliest possible opportunity and be carried out on a regular basis, but may realistically lapse if not maintained. As dog trainers, we are often approached by clients who have reached the point where their pet or working dog needs retraining. While often avoidable, these are some of the signs we have come to recognise that may indicate your

18 April, 2022

Tips For Caring for A Senior German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs are a particularly popular breed for a reason. They are fantastic dogs to own, both as pets or working animals. Despite their working roots, they have adapted to home life and make excellent companion animals as well as protectors. As with all dogs, though, a senior German Shepherd will need more considered care as it ages. This blog will offer some advice about how you can best achieve this: 1. Invest time in understanding your dog’s health profile as a breed and an individual. Certain breeds are more prone than others to specific health conditions, i.e. Pugs



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