Which Breeds Make the Best Protection Dogs?

As hunters with a natural tendency to form strong bonds and protective instincts, dogs have clear potential for security work. Over thousands of years, hundreds of different breeds have been developed, many for the specific purposes of guarding and protection. This blog will offer an overview of the breeds we consider best suited for family protection dog, as well as why this is the case.

The German Shepherd Dog is perhaps the classic and ultimate family protection dog. Courageous, intelligent, and fiercely loyal, it possesses all the attributes we look for. German Shepherd Dogs are highly trainable, so are able to adapt to multiple scenarios and settings. Given the strong bonds they form with their owners, they are also excellent with children.

The Malinois Belgian Shepherd is another good breed for family protection work. In fact, the Malinois is perhaps the best police and military working dog. The Malinois shares many of the same attributes as a German Shepherd Dog, but has a fawn coat, is smaller and more lightly built, and is slightly more energetic. It is found employed in security and protection work across the world, and its reputation for reliability is legendary. A true working breed, it thrives when it has a job.

Rottweilers are also excellent family protection dogs. Courageous and renowned for their guardianship prowess, their reputation alone is often enough to deter would-be attackers and intruders. The Dobermann has a similar profile. Both breeds are formidable, yet playful and deeply value time with their family. This makes them particularly suitable for homes with children.

The Cane Corso and Giant Schnazuer are two other breeds that we have found make the best protection dogs. Both combine size, intelligence, trainability, and protective instincts to provide the characteristics we are looking for. Certain other breeds are known for protection work, but are hard to find with the required temperamental stability. Poor breeding has reduced their capacity for protection work, and it is the aforementioned breeds who can be best relied on.