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Rottweilers as Protection Dogs

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022
Rottweilers are a versatile working breed which was developed in Germany to herd and guard cattle as well as pull trucks of meat to and from markets. While seldom used in pastoral roles today, it is most commonly found as a guardian and protector where it excels. Although poor breeding has made it harder to source reliable working-line Rottweilers, where we have found them, they have performed excellently reinforcing the breed’s stellar reputation. Rottweilers are intelligent and physically imposing dogs with a legendarily strong bite force. Few breeds can match the Rottweiler as a deterrent against would-be attackers and intruders. Their mere presence is often enough to deter, meaning that a physical intervention needs only be a final resort. Owning a Rottweiler can be a wonderful experience. As a mastiff-type breed, the Rottweiler is naturally close to its family and forms strong bonds with them. A Rottweiler takes joy in spending quality time with its people, but requires extensive socialisation and firm but kind leadership throughout its life. Because of their strong personalities, Rottweilers benefit from ongoing training so they understand boundaries and what behaviour is expected of them. Working Rottweilers are intelligent dogs, and owners should be ready to provide them high levels of mental and physical stimulation. Activities such as protection sports and tracking are often good options, and also promote owner-dog bonding. Ensuring that a Rottweiler receives enough exercise is particularly important as the breed is particularly prone to obesity. While not the easiest dogs to own, Rottweilers are beloved for good reasons. They can make excellent family companions as well as guardians, and have proved their worth as protectors time after time. If you are interested in obtaining one of our trained family protection Rottweilers, please email [email protected], or DM us on any of our social media feeds.