What Breed of Protection Dog Should I Get?

While some customers come to us knowing which breed of protection dog they want, this is not always the case. Many customers enter the process of buying a protection dog having never owned any kind of pet before, so are open to the possibility of any breed we offer.

The first question customers should ask in such instances is what are their particular needs? Do they have young children which means they need to be at home more, or are they single and more active? Do they have allergies to breeds which shed? Apart from protection, do they have any other types of work or activities they would like to undertake with their new dog?

Protection Dogs Worldwide aims to have the most tailored offer possible, and all of our initial consultations focus on establishing what a client’s needs are, as well as their lifestyle so we can match them with our most suitable dog. Beyond breed, our dogs all have their own unique quirks and personalities, and we take our responsibility to find them an appropriate home where they will flourish very seriously.

We avoid stereotyping breed characteristics, but a Cane Corso or Rottweiler is often an excellent fit for families with young children seeking a loving dog which is equally comfortable working or sat on a sofa enjoying life as a pet. A German Shepherd is likely a better fit for active households looking to enjoy outdoor activities or participate in high-level training, while a Dobermann or Giant Schnauzer often sits somewhere in-between. If you or a member of your family are allergic to dogs that shed, a Giant Schnauzer would be more appropriate than the high-shedding German Shepherd.

If you have any questions about choosing the most appropriate breed of protection dog for you and your family, then please contact us by DMing on any of our social media accounts.