Which Dog Breeds Are Most Intelligent?

13 February 2023

Dogs are perhaps the most inherently intelligent domesticated animals in human history. Their high intelligence has allowed them to perform a range of tasks including providing simple companionship to herding livestock, guarding, and supporting the disabled with everyday life tasks. Intelligence is subjective and can be hard to define, but there are a number of ways that dogs’ cognitive abilities have been quantified or demonstrated.

In 1994, Stanley Coren published his landmark book, “The Intelligence of Dogs”. Using surveys conducted with obedience competition judges, Coren examines what he refers to as “working and obedience intelligence”, namely a dog’s ability to learn and retain new commands. Coren’s metric for identifying the most intelligent breeds was whether or not they could learn a command after fewer than five repetitions. The Border Collie, Poodle, and German Shepherd were the highest three ranking breeds with the Afghan Hound ranking worst at taking over 80 repetitions to learn a command.

While an impressive starting point, Coren’s ranking fails to account for just how diverse dogs can be, even within an individual breed. A working or show line German Shepherd will drastically vary in how intelligent they are, and it is unlikely that a lower ranked working Irish Terrier will be less intelligent than a show line German Shepherd, for example. Broadly speaking, we believe the most intelligent dogs are those who have been developed to work in intellectually demanding roles such as herding, hunting, and protection.

It is also important to note that canine intelligence is more complex than just the ability to learn commands with fewer repetitions. Although Coren recognises intelligence as being instinctive and adaptive too (the ability to perform tasks a dog was bred for as well as solve problems), his ranking was strictly based on ability to learn from humans. In our view, the greatest measure of intelligence will be balanced between these elements, making a holistic assessment of a dog’s capability as well as it what it has achieved.


17 February 2023

Are Protection Dogs Worth Their Price?

We are often asked if our dogs justify the high prices we charge. Tens of thousands of dollars may seem more than what many would be willing to spend on a pet, but our prices are a fair reflection of the product we offer. Those we work with are much more than just a pet, and represent some of the highest performing and most capable young dogs in the word. We source our dogs internationally,  only selecting the best puppies from reputable breeders we know well and trust. The process of training a dog for family protection work takes months.


8 February 2023

How to Choose The Right Protection Dog

At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a bespoke service. Where this really matters is helping them choose the best and most appropriate protection dog for their individual circumstances. We are firm believers in the importance of matching a dog with the best home possible, and would suggest prospective owners consider some of the following before committing to making a purchase with us. First and foremost, what kind of lifestyle do you and your family have? What are your activity levels like, and do you live in the city or countryside? Do you already have



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