Czech German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog is an extremely popular breed, especially in working circles. Breeders have developed multiple “lines” for both show and working purposes. One of which is the ever popular “Czech” German Shepherd.

Czech German Shepherds were bred and developed in then Czechoslovakia during the 1950s, primarily using East German working bloodlines. Their breeders’ objective was to produce a working dog which accentuated the best of the German Shepherd Dog’s characteristics. Their success is proven by how over sixty years later, Czech German Shepherds are still widely employed in protection, police, and military roles.

Temperamentally, the Czech German Shepherd is relatively similar to its antecedent. It has a high work drive, is courageous, and readily takes to all sorts of training. Aesthetically, they can be slightly smaller and lighter-framed, and generally have sable rather than black and tan coats. Other colour variants are present, but sable and sable-mixed coats are most common.

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