How to Help Your New Protection Dog Settle Into Your Home

28 October 2021

Bringing a new dog home is an exciting time for everyone. However, it can also be daunting, especially if they are your first dog. Here are some tips we have found that helped many of our clients when handing over new family protection dogs to them:

  1. When your new dog arrives in your home, try not to expect too much from it. Dogs can take up to a few weeks to acclimatise to their new surroundings, handler, and routines. Even the best protection dogs need to get used to their new home and family before their training can come into play
  2. Although we will have taken it through extensive protection dog training, it is very important to allow your new pet to be a dog. Regular play, bonding over mealtimes, and walks in the areas surrounding your home are all critical in its first weeks with you. This will help it build its relationship with its new family
  3. Try to avoid confusing your family protection dog for a guard dog. Guard dogs work independently without the direction of a handler, and are often left alone to deter intruders from entering certain sites. Protection dogs always work with and through their handlers. This requires very different approaches to care and husbandry, so we strongly recommend spending as much time with your protection dog as possible to develop a fulsome relationship
  4. Dogs need physical as well as mental stimulation, especially working breeds such as the ones Protection Dogs Worldwide supplies clients with. This is relatively easily provided. Our top tips are allowing your dog to sniff as much as like when on walks, and undertaking scent work training such as tracking or trailing
  5. Ensure that your dog is offered a high-quality feed and has access to water at all times. It is also very important not to exercise your dog an hour before and an hour after feeding. This can lead to a twisted gut which is often fatal. We also recommend using a spiralled slow-feeder to prevent your dog from eating too quickly

We always conduct a full handover when delivering any of our dogs. For more advice about helping a new protection dog settle into your home, please email or DM us on any of our social media accounts.


10 January 2022

Best and Worst Protection Dog Breeds

As the modern-day descendants of an apex predator, it is natural that dogs have retained wolves’ capacity to chase and bite. Through selective breeding and the development of breed standards, humans have been able to benefit from this and utilise dogs for a range of security taskings. A large number of breeds are now used for family and personal protection work, but some are more appropriate than others. This blog will offer an overview of the breeds commonly used for protection work, and aim to rank them from best to worst. Perhaps the best breed for family protection work is


28 October 2021

Czech German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog is an extremely popular breed, especially in working circles. Breeders have developed multiple “lines” for both show and working purposes. One of which is the ever popular “Czech” German Shepherd. Czech German Shepherds were bred and developed in then Czechoslovakia during the 1950s, primarily using East German working bloodlines. Their breeders’ objective was to produce a working dog which accentuated the best of the German Shepherd Dog’s characteristics. Their success is proven by how over sixty years later, Czech German Shepherds are still widely employed in protection, police, and military roles. Temperamentally, the Czech German Shepherd



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