Elite Protection Dogs - Family protection dogs

Certain clients require an extra level of assurance and protection when purchasing one of our dogs. The Elite collection was designed with them in mind, and should give them everything they need and more from a family protection dog. Our Elite family protection dogs also receive individualised training tailored to their owners’ specific needs making each one a truly unique offering.

All family protection dogs we offer work off a baseline of obedience and bitework skill. All must also have demonstrated certain levels of aptitude and potential before beginning one of our training programmes. What sets Elite dogs apart are their exceptional levels of drive and intelligence. This makes them some of the most trainable dogs possible with a highly developed desire to work. Our extensive training programme will prepare them for a wide range of scenarios, and we also offer a two year aftercare package for all Elite dogs.

We remain mindful that these dogs will end up living with families rather than kennels, though. Preparing your Elite family protection dog for home life is one of our priorities, and all Elite dogs spend significant periods of time undergoing environmental training in home settings.

For more information on our Elite dogs and how to purchase one, please email [email protected] or direct message us on any of our social media channels.