The best protection dogs

In a crowded marketplace where social media often dictates customer preferences, it is worth considering what makes the best protection dogs. At Protection Dogs Worldwide, we believe that we have developed a winning formula which we would like to share to help inform potential customers’ decisions. Most importantly, we believe that the best protection dogs are balanced animals and demonstrate the correct levels of temperamental stability. This will always trump factors such as breed or size. There is an increasing tendency for dealers and breeders to overly focus on single distinguishing physical features such as size or colouration. While this may be popular with consumers, it tends to lead to a proliferation of unhealthy and poorly bred dogs who suffer from a range of conditions such as hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, and untenably high levels of nerve and anxiety. Part of our commitment to training and selling the best protection dogs entails carefully screening all puppies we consider taking on to ensure they temperamentally suitable, and this is not an area we ever have or ever will compromise on. Diverse, realistic, and relevant training is also important when considering what makes the best protection dogs. Although common, only training to bite a decoy wearing an obvious pad on the same arm in the same sterile environment without distractions does not make for an effective protection dog. Instead, training should replicate the environments and scenarios a dog is most likely to face. They should also be conditioned to stimuli such as crowded public spaces, other animals, and home appliances, especially during the early stages of puppyhood. Protection Dogs Worldwide has always taken this view, and as such we firmly believe that our dogs are some of the best prepared for real protection work in the real world once they have joined their families. The best protection dogs of all have their training carefully tailored to their future families and settings. While not part of our standard offer, this is a premium service we offer to customers seeking a more bespoke “Elite” dog. Our “Elite” offering allows us to match your protection dog and its capabilities to your family, home, and lifestyle to the highest levels possible. No detail is overlooked with our “Elite” dogs, and our commitment to them and their owners continues well after purchase.